about us

SherloQ home control has been developed by Photar Technology Ventures AG.

Photar AG is a Swiss investment company, which is active since 1982, so more, then 30 years. Photar AG started as a company in photographic devices. Photar AG is a Venture Capital company in technology ventures.


meet the team

Willem de Vos
Willem de VosCEO
Willem de Vos has extensive experience in the fields Technical Development, Marketing, Sales, Corporate Advisory and Financing (including Venture Capital).

At the age of 28, Willem de Vos was one of the youngest owners ever of a successful leasing company in Amsterdam, for the hospitality and leisure industry, without decline (as systems were remote controlled).

Successful entrepreneur in register and control systems

Willem de Vos is the inventor of the first automatic beer tap, as well of the first minibar registration system. He is the founder and former owner of Eurotapcontrol and Smart-Bar, the largest European developers and manufacturers of Tap Control systems, POS systems, and other registry software and systems for the hospitality industry. At least 3.000 customers (10.000 systems) Europe-wide, all serviced and controlled by a unique remote monitoring and service system. These companies have been sold successfully.

Willem de Vos is co-founder and board member of a broad portfolio of companies. He is also active as a Private Investor in Start Up, Venture and Growth Capital.

Axel Bott
Axel BottCFO
Axel Bott has extensive experience as manager, consultant and entrepreneur in finance, services, marketing, and media.

Axel Bott has extensive experience in Finance, Marketing and Product management, having worked for more than 35 years in these fields. You can say he is a highly experienced old warhorse.

Christian Siess
Christian SiessMember
Christian Siess has a more than 18 years experience in the field of IT Services and Software Development.

Christian Siess holds a degree in Informatic Economics (Dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker). He also has a broad experience in capital markets, having worked for Credit Suisse, UBS, Zürcher Kantonalbank and Credit Reform Switzerland.

His qualities and knowledge are broad. Christian Siess has a wide experience in growing businesses and enterprise value. Christian Siess is specialist for software development and IT services.