technical specs SherloQ


Camera (with /without Night Vision – as option)
Wide Angle Lens (60 degrees)
Motion Detection
High Quality Microphone
3-Axis Accelerometer
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Wi-Fi Enabled
USB power supply (available in UK/EU or USA version)
9′ USB-to-USB-mini cable

SQ Station
Features to connect and control wireless electric devices
Wi-Fi Enabled
USB power supply (available in UK/EU or USA version)

RF frequency: 433.92 MHz
Range: 30m indoor – 70m outdoor

Range of SQ wireless products
SQ wireless door/window contact
SQ wireless smoke detector
SQ wireless power strip(available in UK/EU/ USA version)
SQ wireless doorbell
SQ wireless thermostat

More SQ products to follow. Also compatible with other wireless devices using 433 MHz technology. See worldwide for good and affordable devices in D.I.Y and electronics shops, or online on f.i. EBay, Amazon.


Live Video Data
Live Sensor Data
Mobile Alerts
Bank-level secure encrypted communication and software
Emergency plans
Trigger Features Remotely
Enable/Disable Features
Customizable Privacy Settings
Track Data & Trends

Free SherloQ App / SherloQ Cloud
Free updates software SherloQ home control
Free SherloQ home control service (by phone or mail)

SherloQ can be used with the SQ Station as a system, or you can use it as a Stand-alone device. You need no SQ station to use the SherloQ as a stand-alone device. SherloQ is suitable to take with you to everywhere were control is needed but not a complete SherloQ system! All you need is a wireless network with an Internet connection. Of course SherloQ is compatible with the SherloQ system.You can connect multiple SherloQ to the SQ station. It is not possible to connect other wireless devices to the SherloQ itself. When used stand-alone, fire prevention is provided by temperature sensor.

The SherloQ System = SherloQ(s) + SQ Station
The SherloQ home control system consists of a SQ station and SherloQ(s). The SQ station can be placed anywhere in your home, it just needs a wireless network with an Internet connection. The SherloQ needs to be placed in the room(s) you like to control. You can add more SherloQ(s) to the system.

Connects to a standard power outlet (100/240v)

Colours SherloQ
white – black- silver
all other devices only available in white

Size SherloQ
Tall: 16 cm or 6,19 inches
Wide: 4.5 cm or 1,5 inches

SherloQ with Night-Vision has low-light capabilities and is able to automatically adjust to a broad spectrum of lighting conditions. SherloQ with Night-Vision is sensitive to light levels as in a room at average night-light. It does not have infrared (IR) capability for full-dark environments, as IR capability tends to wash out the video under normal lighting conditions. We like to provide optimal quality for video at all levels of illumination.

The SherloQ App supports 300 kilobits per second (kbps) bitstream, QVGA video at 10 frames per second for video playback. SherloQ supports up to 1.5 Mbps, VGA video at 30 fps.

We recommend an 802.11n network and an Internet connection with upload speeds of 2 Mbps (384 Kbps required). Your network strength and data download capabilities may have impact on remote video playback.

Coming soon
We are working on a patented software update, which will enable you to use your smartphone or tablet as an extra camera and sound device on the SherloQ home control system.