what does it do?

we like to keep SherloQ affordable, so we only put in it what we think is the most necessary!

control home and business with the SherloQ app

SherloQ home control is controlled from your smartphone or tablet, with an Android and iOS app that allows you to monitor your house or business. Or you can use a web browser. You can check in on your home from literally anywhere. Whether you’re out shopping, in the office or travelling around the world.

Total control in the palm of your hand!
You are never far away!

watch and record Iive video from anywhere

The SherloQ home control camera allows you to watch live from anywhere in the world. The camera has motion detectors and other security features to issue alerts. It can automatically record video to the SherloQ Cloud when an event occurs.

You will always know what is happening in your home.
And not only in case of emergency!

multiple sensors that track everything

SherloQ home control has multiple sensors that track everything from motion,temperature and sound, to vibration, humidity, and activity! You can easily monitor and track data within your home. SherloQ home control can recognize anything extra ordinary.

Your house will send alerts to you if something seems amiss – temperature sensors with high heat that might indicate a fire, etc.

only you have access to your SherloQ system

SherloQ home control is protected by Swiss bank-level security. All communication between SherloQ home control, the SherloQ Cloud and your mobile device, is bank-level secure encrypted.

Only you have access to your SherloQ system, or those who you allow! So you and your family members can use the system at the same time!

instantly receive, view and act on alerts!

You will immediately receive and view alerts when SherloQ home control senses anything ordinary.

It’s your choice how to respond!
Do you want to trigger the build-in siren?
Do you like to switch on the (spot) lights?
Do you like to text someone to check in?
Or call the police?
You can also set up an auto emergency plan for alerts.

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add and control all your electric devices

The SherloQ home control system is compatible with all kind of wireless devices like smoke detectors, light switches, doorbells, IP camera’s, sun screens, door/window contacts, thermostats, and medical alert devices. With the SherloQ system you can control and switch on/off all connected wireless devices! For instance set up timers, turn on the fan, and even simulate presence to prevent burglary by switching on lights! Coming soon: SQ doorbell and thermostat!


SherloQ can be used as a system, with the SQ Station, or as a Stand-alone device. You need no SQ station to use the SherloQ as stand-alone. You can take and use it everywhere were control is needed but not a complete SherloQ system! All you need is a wireless network. You can connect multiple SherloQs to a SQ station. It is not possible to connect other wireless devices to a SherloQ itself.

SherloQ Cloud

Automatically record video to SherloQ Cloud when an event occurs. View the video right away, or at a later time. Free video uploads, simple and secure. Do not act and alerts will expire after 7 days, or save up to 75 videos in the SherloQ Cloud for as long as you like.
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SherloQ home control will create a so-called geofence (virtual boundary) around your home. This means that when you enter or leave the geofence, SherloQ will detect this and activate or deactivate itself. So it won’t notify you of movement or activity when you are there!